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Buy more with your currency!

You can stretch your money even further and find better bargains if  the currency in your country is strong against the US Dollar. Because of a high exchange rate, you can buy more with your money in other countries. Here are the changes in the exchange rates for the US Dollars against other world currencies from the beginning of the year to now. Looks like the Canadian Dollar, European Euro, , Australian Dollar, British Pound, and the Mexican Peso is doing well against the US Dollar. Maybe this is a good time to stretch your money in the US and ship the items to you using Spearnet.

(Source: CNN Money Accessed 03/21/2012)


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2 thoughts on “Buy more with your currency!

  1. Style Connect AU on said:

    I’m loving the exchange rate at the moment because the AUD is so strong against the USD 🙂 It’s letting me buy more clothing than I probably should haha! PS – thanks for the follow xx

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